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How an Attorney Can Help With Disability Claims

Have you recently been injured? Working with a Social Security disability attorney can improve your probability of receiving the benefits that apply to your situation. Here are a few ways that hiring an attorney can help:

They Fully Understanding The Process

Lawyers know your rights and can persuasively argue on your behalf in relation to the benefits you deserve after a personal injury. Their knowledge may help them to cite the rules and laws specific to your case.

They Help You Know and Meet Your Deadlines

You might be surprised to learn that making a Social Security disability claim late can potentially lead to an automatic denial. Attorneys are familiar with the deadlines involved and can help you prepare and submit your application well before the deadline.

They Work With the Social Security Office On Your Behalf

If this is your first time connecting with the Social Security office or testifying before a judge at a hearing—the experience can be intimidating. Your attorney can handle many of these details on your behalf. 

An attorney can also work with you to help strengthen your claim. Sometimes, seemingly inconsequential pieces of evidence or statements can make all the difference—so there are many benefits to having an expert on your side to support you through the process.

When Should I Call an Attorney?

The rule of thumb is always “the sooner, the better.” 

If you are considering filing for a disability claim, you should contact an attorney for a consultation meeting. Getting legal support and assistance beforehand can help you determine the strength of your case and assist you in submitting your initial application. Legal representation is not required, but the likelihood that you will be approved is greater if you have legal counsel on your side.

At Regas & Haag, Ltd., we handle all aspects of your Social Security Disability case. This includes getting in contact with your doctors to obtain your medical records and reports, filing all appeals on your behalf, and preparing you for your hearing.

For advice and guidance for your disability claim, call us today at 330-649-9102 to get started.