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Understanding Wage Loss Benefits in Workers’ Compensation: A Comprehensive Guide

The US government offers social security strategies to protect employees. The workers’ compensation law of the United States requires that benefits be paid to employees who suffer from work injuries or occupational diseases. A wage loss benefit due to an injury is a claim covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Read on to understand the benefits of wage loss benefits in workers’ compensation. 

What Is a Wage Loss Benefit?

Employees facing significant income loss due to work injuries can claim a wage loss benefit and a worker’s injury claim. The WL benefit claim will provide monetary compensation for the employees. 

Types of WL Benefits

The US Social Security Administration offers Wage Loss benefits in two categories. Let’s learn the types:

Working Wage Loss (WWL)

Workers who can start working again after a work injury with less pay due to medical restrictions can apply for a WWL claim

Non-Working Wage Loss (NWWL) 

This benefit is for those who cannot continue working due to work injuries. In this case, the worker is released from the job and is unable to get a new job due to the work injury. To get NWWL benefits, the employee must prove that they have been searching for a job but couldn’t get one due to illness.

Important Considerations

People suffering from substantial income loss due to work injuries can claim WL benefits. However, several factors can influence whether the claim is satisfied: 

  • Educational qualifications, skills, and experience of the applicant
  • The time spent on a job search
  • The applicant’s physical abilities
  • The extent of work injuries 

How to Request WL Benefits

Employees suffering from work injuries can apply for Wage Loss benefits simply by submitting a C-140 form. The applicant and their doctor must fill out and submit the form. You should submit detailed medical reports, employment history, educational background, and the form. Getting assistance from an attorney before submitting the form is advisable, as it can prevent claim rejection.

Documents Essential for Applying for Wage Loss Benefits 

Several proofs are essential for supporting your Wage Loss benefit claim. These documents can prove your eligibility for WL benefits. 

Medical Reports

To prove your medical disability due to work injuries restricting you from working, you need to submit a comprehensive medical report to support your wage loss claims. Your healthcare provider should send these reports to the Bureau of Workers Compensation.   

Job Search

You should prove that you are searching for job opportunities and that your work injuries are restricting you from getting one. Any document supporting your job search can aid your Wage Loss benefits claim. 

We understand that work injuries may reduce your quality of life and influence your earning ability. A successful Wage Loss claim can help alleviate some of your financial burdens. If you want a professional attorney to handle your WL benefit claims, the experts at Regas & Haag can assist you. Contact us now for an appointment.